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“The foundation of performance is health, and the foundation of movement health is foot function.” Lee Saxby

Developed in collaboration with Lee Saxby, world-renowned running and movement coach, the nimbleToes Functional Movement Shoe System builds on everything that we’ve learned and developed in over 35 years of making high-quality functional footwear based on our uncompromising ToeFreedom philosophy.

Key Features:

  • Joe Nimble’s Toefreedom natural foot last
  • a highly adaptive lacing system that supports all preferences for fit tension
  • a durable stitched upper with mesh that allows your feet to breath whatever the activity or intensity
  • high level of sensory feedback through the thin and flexible 4mm Vibram sole
  • WEIGHT: 195 gram (Gr. 4,0), 227 gram (Gr. 6,5), 250 gram (Gr. 9,0)

Being Nimble is a state of mind. Changing your state of mind begins with changing your footwear! Read More at

Did you know that there are thousands of small nerve endings at the bottom of the foot that are sensitive to stimuli such as texture, vibration, skin stretch, deep pressure, and light touch? These nerve endings play a central role in posture and movement control e.g. staying upright and creating an appropriate muscular response to dynamically control impact forces. Sensory input using control and movement regulation is called proprioception. Recent studies show that specific textures actually improve balance and stability. These studies also show that harder surfaces stimulate the nervous system more effectively and enable an increased proprioceptive stimulus from the ground up.

Further, did you know that all footwear blocks the necessary stimulation of the plantar proprioceptors to some degree?  The result can be a delay in the nervous system which can cause joint pain, compensations, loss of balance and inefficient movement patterns.

The Joe Nimble footbed system

If you intend to use nimbleToes on light trails, why not add a Joe Nimble Flexitec® footbed

Lee Saxby

Lee Saxby is one of the most recognized coaches for running technique on a global level. Over the last 15 years, Lee has been a key figure in the natural movement/barefoot revolution and has been consulted by various shoe companies, university research projects, and injured athletes for his ability to diagnose and correct biomechanical problems. Bestselling author Chris McDougall (Born to Run), as well as the barefoot professor Dan Liebermann (Harvard), were able to regain their natural athletic abilities through Lee ́s coaching methods.

Lee works closely together with Joe Nimble, developing innovative, holistic movement concepts and the nimbleToes Functional Movement Shoe System is the first result of this collaboration.

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