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Bohempia Zavid 2.0

Normalpris 937 kr
Udsalgspris 937 kr Normalpris 1.339 kr
–30% Udsolgt

Vælg farve: Black
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The Zavid Barefoot is made from vegan microfibre suede, with natural rubber outsole, cotton fur, and hemp insole.

This model meets all barefoot footwear standards –  plenty of room for your toes,  flexible and thin sole, and lightweight.

The upper material is vegan microfibre Ultrasuede® produced by the Japanese company TORAY. It is made from 100% recycled polyester, ie recycled PET bottles, which can be further recycled. This is one of the most ecological substitutes for leather. These shoes are suitable for vegans and are PETA-certified.