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Bosky Enduro 2.0 Y Slim - Sandaler

Normalpris 399 kr
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Vælg farve: Black
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Anbefalet fodlængde
22.6-23.8 cm
Indvendig længde
24.0 cm
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Enduro 2.0 "Y" slim

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Enduro slim is the thinnest, and therefore the "most barefoot" sandal from the new Enduro 2.0 series.

The foam insole is minimized to the thinnest acceptable structure so that the sandal remains comfortable. The sole filters out the sharpest unevenness, but otherwise it fully adapts to the terrain.

The artificial length is practical, easy to maintain, non-slip and in the thickness of slightly over 2 millimeters only minimally limits the overall flexibility and flexibility.

The foot will have to work in this sandal and not get much rest, and that's what it's all about :-)

A sporty sandal that will hold you.


  • Durability
  • Excellent sensitivity and flexibility




  • Medium variant: 7,5 mm, Weight: 145 g (one sandals) in size 40


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Is possible to re-order if your size is missing (delivery time 14-21 days).