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Bosky Light Leather - Sandaler

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Vælg farve: Light Brown (light strap)
Vælg størrelse:
Størrelsesguide (35EU)
Anbefalet fodlængde
21.9-23.1 cm
Indvendig længde
23.3 cm
Indvendig bredde
Vores mål og anbefalinger er vejledende. Pasform er delvist individuelt. Hvis du er i tvivl, bestil gerne flere størrelser.

Light leather


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Light sandals are an alternative if you need more protection and a coarser pattern than their more subtle counterparts.

At the same time, despite their larger thickness, the soles are still extremely light and perfectly shaped on the foot. Logically, therefore, it is suitable wherever you need a light sandal, which will protect you from rough terrain and provide a greater grip on it.

Thanks to a thicker out-sole they have longer durability even when made from the lightened material. Bosky Light type is also a good choice for barefoot beginners, or as an alternative for people who have certain limitations and extremely thin out-sole is not for them.

The leather version is good in absorbing sweat and is therefore particularly suitable in heat and for those whose feet sweat more. 

  • Light

  • Coarse tread pattern

  • Ideal for rougher terrain and for running

  • Slightly damping sole

  • Suitable for barefoot beginners

  • Shapes according to the foot


  • Leather insole: Thickness: 9 mm, Weight: 102 g in size 40


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