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Filii Anna

Normalpris 247 kr
Udsalgspris 247 kr Normalpris 449 kr
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Vælg farve: Ocean Pink

Beautiful ballerina for big occasions and also for everyday life - not only elegant, but also really comfortable and healthy for the feet. Over stick and over stone, it may be even more chic. Perfectly prepared for any adventure, whether in the urban jungle, at school or a daily companion in kindergarten. The strong blue gives every foot a special shine. With our practical Velcro, the shoes are tightened in a jiffy, so every sunny day is a small highlight.

Super soft kids shoe with the unique and very flexible Filii-Barefoot sole - supports muscle growth and promotes the sense of balance. The Filii Barefoot rubber sole is also suitable for allergy sufferers as it does not contain latex. 

Both the leather and the rubber sole contain no AZO dyes, chrome VI, or other dangerous substances! 

The insole is, of course, removable and thus allows easy control during growth spurts.

Please always clean and impregnate the shoe with a suitable medium. For smooth leather shoes, it is advisable to additionally use wax, that greases and cares for the shoe optimally.