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Knitido Dr. Foot — Tåsokker

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Dr. Foot® Silver Protect ankle-length toe socks with certified antimicrobial silver threads.

  • enclose each toe individually with skin-friendly cotton
  • absorbs sweat and water between the toes and neutralize germs in their retreat areas
  • keep the toes dry and warm and prevent odors
  • suitable for the prevention of infectious foot diseases: in work shoes, after visiting public baths or in hygienically sensitive areas

NOTE: The European Textile Labeling Regulation does not provide for the possibility of labeling silver threads in the material label. The silver is in the cotton thread in the forefoot area and on the heel.

Material composition: 87% cotton, 12% nylon, 1% elastane

Care instructions: Washable up to 60 ° C, do not iron, do not dry clean


Dr. Foot® Silver Protect - Germany's first certified antimicrobial toe sock


Knitido Dr. Foot Silver Protect® toe socks protect your feet from bacterial and fungal infections and can help to heal infectious diseases of the foot. 

  • effectively combats foot odor
  • to support healing processes in foot infections on the forefoot and heel
  • prevents infections of f.x. foot and nail fungus, warts, etc.
  • suitable for  diabetes, neurodermatitis, wounds and skin irritation
  • 87% skin-friendly cotton, boil-proof up to 60 ° C
  • calf length, so suitable for cooler days. Attention: sits tight on the calf

How do Dr. Foot® Silver socks Protect the toes?

The heel and toes are particularly susceptible to germs. Therefore, we have incorporated a naturally antimicrobial silver fiber on the forefoot and heel. Upon contact, it damages the outer shell of bacteria and fungi and weakens or kills them. 

  • The toe spaces are protected areas for bacteria and microbes. Favored by the poor ventilation in the footwear and by the side compression in too-tight shoes or conventional socks without toes, there is a warm, humid, dark greenhouse climate - ideal for harmful germs.
  • Many microbes nest in the foot's callus. Since the heel and forefoot are subjected to the greatest stress when running, callus tends to form as a protective layer.

Common areas of application 

  • Improvement of your own foot hygiene in sensitive
    areas (hospitals, retirement homes, etc.)
  • Control odors in poorly ventilated work shoes and boots
  • Prevention of infection in places with increased risk to the feet, f.ex. after visits to public baths, spas, swimming pools, etc.
  • Avoiding foot infections in diabetics and people with weakened body defenses

Frequently asked questions:

Are normal toe socks not enough?

Normal toe socks without silver fiber are already a step towards improving foot health. Toe socks with silver thread can, however, give an additional boost to the body's defenses in situations where the feet are at particular risk. 

No silver thread is noted in the material identification. Why?

The European Textile Labeling Regulation does not provide for the possibility of labeling silver threads in material labeling.

How many times can I wash my Dr. Foot Silver Protect until they lose their effectiveness?

We use a silver thread that does not lose its effect. Even after 200 washes, 99% of the antimicrobial effectiveness remains.