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Knitido Essentials Stripes - Tåsokker

Normalpris 95 kr
Udsalgspris 95 kr Normalpris 119 kr
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Vælg farve: Black/Blue
Vælg størrelse:

Colourful striped toe socks.

Fight the monotony in the sock compartment!

Casual design and chic stripes - not too colourful, not too boring. The stripes become discreetly lighter from the outside to the inside, the colour-contrasting foot tip provides a dash of colour. Fits with casual and business outfits.

All you need to know - in a few words

  • Unexpected stripe design
  • High cotton content: 94% soft, double combed, high-quality cotton
  • Midi length: wearable all year round
  • Unisex: available in 3 colours, in sizes 35-38, 39-42 and 43-46, for women, men and children.

94% for cotton purists

Soft, double combed cotton with a pleasant, high-quality, warm feel, suitable for almost any weather. Perfect fit, 3D heel, seamless toes are what makes Knitido toe socks.
A classic, not too tight cuff rounds off the socks and keeps them securely in place just below the calf.

Note on choosing the right size:

The socks are not too big or too small, please choose the socks according to your shoe size. Knitido Stripes have been knitted larger during production and then shrunk - they do not shrink further when