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Knitido Track & Trail Zero - Tåsokker

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Knitido Track & Trail Zero are perfect for gymnastics and loafers, barefoot, and toe shoes - but also for ballerinas and pumps.

What is better than barefoot in summer? Cooling toe socks!
The breathable Coolmax® fiber wicks moisture away - even between the toes. This keeps your feet cool, dry, and healthy. Because if there is no sweat, there are no unpleasant smells and infections! The sock fits like a glove, protects against friction and pressure points and is hardly visible in the shoes

An overview of your advantages

  • Invisible - cut so that you can't see them in shoes.
  • Coolmax® for perfect dissipation of heat and moisture.
  • Dry and hygienically clean feet
  • Bubble-free in shoes thanks to protection against sweat and friction in the shoe.
  • Light and durable - also ideal for sports.
  • As well as all other advantages of Knitido toesocks.