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Leguano Go: Low-Top

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Go: the sneaker barefoot shoe with laces

The go is made of light and airy textiles. So the feet enjoy full freedom of movement and direct contact with the ground. This minimal shoe gives the necessary freedom of movement for all daily challenges. It has a uniquely comfortable fit and is suitable in the office as well as a chic leisure model.

The sophisticated knitting pattern makes the fabric breathable and gives its design and colors a lively effect.

A high degree of freedom of movement is made possible by the only a few millimeters thin and flexible sole, which makes our barefoot shoes particularly flexible and also ensures maximum sensory feedback and thus high wearing comfort. Walk like barefoot, healthy, and natural.

Every single shoe is handmade, unique, Made in Germany.

composition : Upper: 100% polyester

Insole: 50% polyamide, 48% polyurethane, 2% dye

Sole: 100% LIFOLIT® *

Care instructions: Wash at 30 degrees in the laundry network (gentle wash). Wash the shoelaces with a hand wash, mild detergent, no fabric softener, and no powder.

* Brand of a third party without a legal connection to Leguano GmbH






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