Light Leather X

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Vores sortiment af sandaler er blevet flyttet til vores fjernlager.
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Light leather X sandal is suitable for those who prefer the bind over the instep while also prefer natural material in contact with the foot.

Light leather X leather insole consists of pleasant natural leather with a very fine suede, that perfectly absorbs sweat. The sole of this sandal is for technical reasons for fastening the front straps a little stronger, but it shapes into the foot very nicely and after the first step is still very sensitive to the ground.

At the same time, despite their larger sole size, the outsoles are still extremely light and perfectly shaped to the foot. Logically, therefore, it is suitable wherever you need a lightweight sandal, but it will protect you from any rough terrain and it gives you more grip.

It also better absorbs impacts from hard surfaces.

Sandals are well-shaped and adaptable to the foot, so they are very comfortable to run and perfectly suited as middle (transition) shoes from classic "non-barefoot" shoes.

Light leather X is also a great minimalistic alternative to classic outdoor sandals. However, it is more suitable for a drier environment, after soaking the leather insole dries out longer than artificial variants and frequent soaking does not even benefit the leather itself.



Brand Name: Bosky shoes
Category: Light
Weight (size 40) : 102 g
Thickness: 10.5 mm
Sole color: black
Insole color: brown
Color of straps: black
Type of strap fastening: over the instep