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Tikki Beetle Leather (str. 30-39)

Normalpris 415 kr
Udsalgspris 415 kr Normalpris 519 kr
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Vælg farve: Bordeaux
Vælg størrelse:
19–23 24–29

Say hello to the new Beetle! With all round barefoot shoes benefits: maximum flexibility, optimal toe space, designed for natural feet shape, safe foot muscle development... and with awesome fresh features: water repellent leather (ATTENTION! not waterproof) for rain or snow, gorgeous redesigning, beautiful color palette and snuggly warm wool inside.


Why Beetle? Tikki Crafters look for natural inspiration for all Tikki Shoes footwear designs. And beetles are just so easy to pick since every fifth creature on Earth is, you guessed it, a beetle. Their success is inspirational to say the least!


We have, thus, proudly named these kids barefoot velour boots after the amazing Beetle. And while it’s great responsibility to compare something with the most important organism on Earth, it’s also awesome to live up to something as resilient, strong, useful, versatile and cute as the Beetle.


At Tikki Shoes we always spend as much time as possible for research and development, to guarantee the best results and comply with your demands. Tikki Crafters celebrate your trust in choosing manufactured barefoot kids shoes for your most precious ones, constantly invest in premium quality materials and look for optimal price-quality balance.



  • Water-repellent suede leather

  • 100% natural wool lining

  • 2mm felted insoles (100% wool)

  • New 'Oxygen' natural rubber 3mm sole

  • Extremely lightweight, weighing only about 440g.


OBS! De nye Tikki beetle modeller har problemer med "snør-stopperen" Så dem har vi fjernet for og undgå at de falder af/bliver hævet af. Prisen er derefter nedsat, og skulle gerne afspejle problemet. 


Beetle size guide:

More about the size guide here: https://www.tikkishoes.com/size-guide.htm


18N 12.0 cm 5.6 cm
19N 12.3 cm 6.0 cm
20N 13 cm 6.1 cm
21N 13.7 cm 6.3 cm
22N 14.5 cm 6.5 cm
23N 15.1 cm 6.7 cm
24N 15.8 cm 6.9 cm
25N 16.6 cm 7.1 cm
26N 17.3 cm 7.3 cm
27N 18 cm 7.5 cm
28N 18.6 cm 7.7 cm
29N 19.1 cm 7.9 cm
30N 19.8 cm 8.1 cm
31N 20.4 cm 8.2 cm
32N 21.1cm 8.3 cm
33N 21.7 cm 8.3 cm
34N 22.3 cm 8.4 cm
35N 22.9 cm 8.5 cm
36N 23.6 cm 8.7 cm
37N 24.2 cm 8.8 cm
38N 24.8 cm 8.9 cm
39N 25.4 cm 9 cm