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Tikki Harlequin Vegan (st. 24-29)

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Beskrivelsen er fra www.tikkishoes.com

Just pure fun


Due to the many many requests we’ve received along the line from you, dear friends, the Tikki Crafters have planned intensively and created the Harlequin barefoot vegan shoe collection. We are sincerely delighted to present the first Tikki Shoes model without products of animal origin.


The textile material is made in Spain – based on an exclusive Tikki Shoes design – from high-quality cotton. Since for our dear shoes we are and always will be using only materials that are perfectly safe in contact with the skin, the Harlequin shoes lining is made from organic cotton. All the elements are brought together by a water-based adhesive that’s very friendly to the environment.


Harlequin is a footwear design complete with every advantage specific to the barefoot shoe concept. The name is meant to reflect the joy of childhood, its lively colors, and pure fun! Adapted for all activities which amuse younglings and help them grow, the shoes can be worn directly on bare feet during warmer days, and along with socks when the weather gets colder – during spring or autumn.


Barefoot shoe characteristics, a staple of the Tikki Shoes brand – super flexibility, excellent lightness, complete care for the skin, healthiest support for walking, and natural development as recommended by pediatricians everywhere – are constantly part of our dear footwear. Order Harlequin with confidence for those most loved growing feet: the shoe pattern is designed to adapt to most foot types of normal/medium width. 


Cotton textile uppers

Organic cotton lining

All-directions bending natural rubber 3mm sole

Extremely lightweight, weighing only about 170g.


Tikki Crafter’s insight: the Harlequin shape is similar to the Aster model, though differing in fitting better the slim ankles.


Harlequin size guide:

18N 12.0 cm 5.6 cm
19N 12.3 cm 6.0 cm
20N 13 cm 6.1 cm
21N 13.7 cm 6.3 cm
22N 14.5 cm 6.5 cm
23N 15.1 cm 6.7 cm
24N 15.8 cm 6.9 cm
25N 16.6 cm 7.1 cm
26N 17.3 cm 7.3 cm
27N 18 cm 7.5 cm
28N 18.6 cm 7.7 cm
29N 19.1 cm 7.9 cm
30N 19.8 cm 8.1 cm
31N 20.4 cm 8.3 cm
32N 21.1cm 8.5 cm