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Tikki Vibe Womens - Sandaler

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Vælg farve: Summer
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 The description is taken from www.tikkishoes.com

The VIBE Collection

Sunlight and women’s sandals collections are finally back! Barefoot summer shoes to enjoy in your own style and colors. Created to renew a unique bond between nature and yourself, Tikki VIBE sandals are incredibly light, fun, and comfortable. Sporting a minimalist 6 mm ultra-flexible Vibram sole, they are exclusively manufactured from premium materials. The lining is, without exception, chrome-free for each and every pair of Tikki Shoes.

Along with absolute comfort, the VIBE barefoot sandals collection brings lively, vibrant colors to the stage for just a little bit more everyday happiness. Being dynamic and optimistic is a choice! It works in a black and brown style, and just as well when you reconnect to your inner child and choose to defy monotony with the Tikki "FUNKY VIBE" multicolor vitality.

The sandal molds we use here at Tikki Shoes are continuously tested, tried, and calibrated. We do it to make sure our brand new collections fit both narrow and wide feet. This concept offers ultimate adaptability, with sandals specially designed to tailor any foot instep height.

Reimagined and improved, Tikki VIBE is the barefoot sandal you’ll love from the first moment, in the city, in the countryside, with every attire. Order them in your favorite colors to effortlessly match the style that fits you best, go out and enjoy the sun.


Tikki Crafters recommend: for the VIBE sandals, choose a size that is 0.5 to 1cm longer than the measurement of your foot, then use the Velcro strap to easily adjust. 


36 23.6 cm 9.7 cm
37 24.2 cm 9.9 cm
38 24.9 cm 10.1 cm
39 25.5 cm 10.2 cm
40 26.2 cm 10.3 cm
41 26.9 cm 10.5 cm
42 27.5 cm 10.7 cm
43 28.1 cm 10.8 cm