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Vivobarefoot Tracker Forest ESC Mens

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Støvlen der kan klare det meste. Den er stilet og samtidig egnet til den aktive og naturelskende person. Udført i hårdfør og vandafvisende læder.

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Størrelsesguide (40EU / 7US / 6UK)
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23.8-24.8 cm
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25.2 cm
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ESCape to connect. The Tracker Forest ESC is designed to work in harmony with nature, allowing you to connect to the most extreme forest and off-road conditions our planet has to offer. Escape the path well-trodden and experience how hiking is supposed to feel. Created in collaboration with wilderness experts from Wild Human and the Independent Adventurer.


  •  Foot-shaped (not shoe-shaped), to let your feet do their natural thing.
    • WIDE to allow for natural stability
    • THIN to enable you to feel more
    • FLEXIBLE to enable natural movement
  • Sandwich mesh lining allows air to move freely around the boot and keep moisture away from your skin, passing it out through the pores of the leather or through the collar opening so your feet can breathe. Perfect for cold, warm, and wet.
  • The Michelin © ESC Sole offers extreme traction using high-performance rubber and aggressive off-trail lug design to maximize ground feel, flexibility, and grip in the most demanding environments nature has to offer. The directional claw-like lugs are positioned for accents, descents, and edge traction for traversing along steep inclines with a textured arch for zonal grip.
  • ATTENTION! the Tracker Forest ESC forest does not have a traditional waterproof membrane ‘but’ instead is putting breathability and weather resistance at the center of the product performance experience. The combination of sandwich mesh lining with Wild hide leather enables the leather to maintain its naturally water-resistant qualities and allow your feet to breathe with every step for an unparalleled experience. Treat the leather regularly and your boot will age gracefully and look after your feet on every expedition you go on.

This is a part of Vivos second collaboration with Michelin. 
The VV-shaped aggressive lugs give a multi-directional grip. Along the outer edges, the lugs are split to dig your foot into aggressive terrain, cutting in with a knife-edge grip.

Instead of a waterproof membrane, the combination of sandwich mesh lining with Wild hide leather (naturally water-resistant) allows air to flow inside the boot for more breathability. It also functions as a natural thermostat for cold/hot temperatures, creating a microclimate in the boot.
The Tracker Forest ESC was created, tried, and tested in collaboration with wilderness experts to deliver the best possible boot for the changeable conditions of the forest biome, without compromise.



Made using waterproof technology or water-resistant treatment uppers with hi-tech seal. 


Made from naturally scarred leather from free-roaming cattle sourced from small-scale farmers.


Made using water-resistant constructions and non-absorbent materials.


Made from renewable natural materials.