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Zaqq Expeq Waterproof

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EXPEQ Waterproof

Are you looking for new shoes which will last? Look no further: Nature lovers will find the benefits of this shoe amazing, as it will give them extra support, especially negotiating rocky terrain. The shoes aren’t clumpy and heavy, like some other products currently on the market. They are light and flexible, yet strong and safe, which also helps when you are out walking. The inner lining is waterproof, breathable and has a windproof membrane, protecting your feet from water seeping in, so it keeps your feet dry and warm. Their softness will prevent any chaffing and discomfort, often experienced with other types of footwear. All in all, it is perfect footwear for everyday use, whether you are out walking hills and dales, out with the kids at the park, or just shopping in town. The revolutionary aspects of the ZAQQ EXPEQ Waterproof are a real bonus, but as well as this, the shoes are also aesthetically pleasing to the eye and will enhance your wardrobe. "

Your new ZAQQ EXPEQ is made from these high-quality materials:

  • Leather upper: premium waxed Nappa leather, extra smooth with 100% waterpoof mebran
  • Lining: extra-thin material which is supple and breathable
  • Sole: ultra-flexible, non-slip, abrasion-proof rubber
  • Upper: Strobel-stitched with double seams
  • Sole: hand-stitched to the upper
  • Adhesive: solvent-free adhesive bonding
  • Pressure-free: no metal parts such as eyelets etc.

Here's why your new ZAQQ EXPEQ boots are exceptionally healthy and comfortable:

  • A rubber sole without a heel, supports natural posture whilst protecting joints and relieving spinal pressure;
  • Different last shapes and design for men's and women's shoes guarantees an optimum fit;
  • Lots of space at the front of the shoe allows plenty of room for toes and the ball of the foot;
  • Promotes natural movement whilst running and creates a balanced foot climate thanks to the breathable and sweat-reducing properties of high-quality natural products;
  • Ultra-flexible, supple leather to banish blisters and sore feet;
  • Incredibly lightweight at just 7oz

Look how we achieve optimum sustainable production

  • Barefootshoes from Germany
  • Every shoe is entirely unique
  • Guaranteed solvent-free
  • Customised production inside three days in response to your order
  • Hand-stitched 1n rubber sole
  • Processing takes place within our own factory south of Berlin.