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Filii Chameleon "Wide"

Normalpris 340 kr
Udsalgspris 340 kr Normalpris 619 kr
–45% Udsolgt

Vælg farve: Ocean Velours Fleece
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This model is wider cut in the scope, The width of the sole is identical to the width M.

The woods are already colourful, the stubble fields are yellow and autumn begins. Red leaves are falling, gray mist billowing, the wind blows cooler.

Perfectly protected and warm packed with our Chameleon through the fall - whether romping through the damp foliage or perfectly equipped for the first sunny winter days.

Velcro closure allows quick entry and exit. Thus, small adventurers can arm themselves daily for the urban jungle or nature experiences.

The robust suede is water repellent, protects our little explorer optimally before dawn and accompanies the little feet well protected by the cool autumn days. 

The cuddly fleece/Wool lining keeps the foot dry and comfortably warm. (Not applicable on the "graphite velcro" model)

The very soft and highly abrasion-resistant rubber sole is also suitable for allergy sufferers, as it does not contain latex. Of course, none of the shoes have a heel or a footbed.

The insole is removable and thus allows easy control during growth spurts.

Optimal all-rounder for everyday life, warming through the leather lining.
Please do not wear thick cotton thermal tights or pure cotton socks.

Care instructions:
Please spray shoes regularly after brush cleaning, with a suitable impregnating spray for suede leather.
Allow coarse impurities to dry well, then treat with a suitable brush and then re-apply. After that, it is essential to let it dry according to the operating instructions.