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Naboso Performance Insoles

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The Naboso Performance Insoles improves agility and strength from the ground up, allowing you to be more powerful and explosive in your training and game-day movements.  

The Performance Insole features our lowest level of stimulation and is intended to be worn in the cleats, on the court, or when on a run. 

By strengthening your feet, you strengthen your body.  This is the only insole on the market that brings the sensory input of being barefoot into the shoe. 

Recommended for

  • Use on the field, court, or track
  • Enhancing foot awareness to improve speed and reaction time
  • Enhancing skin perfusion and peripheral nerve stimulation
  • Improving postural awareness and balance when in motion

Thin enough to work with all types of footwear. Use it on top of your existing insole. Designed to be worn barefoot or with thin socks.

Non-Toxic | Latex-Free | 100% Recyclable

  • 1.5mm patent-pending two point discrimination texture
  • 3mm total thickness
  • Moderate level stimulus to enhance performance 
  • Freedom of rotation and movement to increase agility
  • Thin enough to fit into any cleat or athletic shoe
S 34.5 - 37.5
M 38 - 42
L 43 - 45
XL 46 - 48.5