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Filii Mamba "Medium"

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Vælg farve: Ocean Quick Lock
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The "Mamba" model is made for difficult terrain.
Technical textiles combined with a water-repellent membrane make this shoe the ideal light-footed hiking boot.

The Filii Barefoot rubber sole is also suitable for allergy sufferers as it does not contain latex. Of course, all the shoes have no footbed.
The inner lining is made of a special material, which allows a high moisture absorption and is 100% synthetic. Visually, it looks like leather.
The upper, as well as the lining, carry the "Textile Confidence Oeko-TEX Standard 100" certificate and are, therefore, naturally pollutant tested.
Since our materials used contain no animal products, this model is also suitable for vegans.

The shoes are suitable for children with medium foot size M and the tendency to narrow feet. Please do not wear thick thermal tights.

Care instructions:
Please spray shoes regularly with a suitable impregnation spray. Please clean the shoes regularly to keep the materials breathable.

New shoes are odourless, it is important to keep vegan materials properly ventilated. Smells are mostly home-made, so please wear only thin functional socks or thin woolen socks, because they prevent the odours. Each child sweats up to a shot glass in the form of steam during the day. The causes are mostly cotton socks, as they soak up like a sponge causing the shoes to develop an unpleasant odour, due to an increased number of bacteria. Lactic acid bacteria love it moist and warm, so they multiply rapidly in the shoe.

Our shoes must not be washed. Please always let the shoes sufficiently ventilate. For these reasons, we recommend a second pair of shoes.

Material: Vegan (Microfibre)
Feeding: Microfiber (Synthetic / Vegan)
Color: Blue
Other Features: TEX membrane
WMS shoe width: Medium

If you want your shoes to be more waterproof, we recommend using one of our waterproofing sprays such as Liquiproof Premium Protector, you can find more products for waterproofing and shoe care here.