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Naboso Neuro Insoles

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The Naboso Neuro Insole features our medical-grade level of stimulation for the purpose of improving balance and stabilization in those with acute and chronic neurological conditions.   

The Neuro Insoles is currently going through the FDA process for the purpose of improving foot awareness in those with various types of neuropathy. 

Feeling and perceiving our feet and the ground is necessary for optimizing balance and movement.   With various medical conditions, we can lose our connection to the ground and greatly contribute to falling risk. 

Recommended for

  • Daily foot stimulation to increase foot strength and awareness
  • Integration into any neuro-rehabilitation program for gait training and reducing falls
  • Enhancing skin perfusion and peripheral nerve stimulation
  • Improving postural awareness and balance when standing and walking
  • Thin enough to work with all types of footwear.
  • Designed to be worn barefoot or with thin socks.

Non-cushion sensory insoles designed for daily use.


  • 1.5mm pyramidal patent-pending two point discrimination texture
  • 3mm total thickness
  • Medical-grade stimulation to enhance foot awareness and balance 
  • Freedom of rotation and movement to support natural foot strength 
  • Thin enough to put on any orthotic, brace, or AFO


Non-Toxic | Latex-Free | 100% Recyclable

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